As with many programs, QuickBooks has a number of keyboard shortcuts that can save you some real time. Rather than going back and forth between your keyboard and your mouse, you don’t have to let your hands leave the keys.

Ctrl+A Open the Chart of Accounts
Ctrl+D Delete the check, invoice, transaction, or item from the list you have open
Ctrl+E Edit the transaction selected in the register
Ctrl+F Display the Find window
Ctrl+G Go to the other side of a transfer transaction
Ctrl+H Open the Transaction History, e.g. to look at an invoice and see which payments have been applied to it
Ctrl+I Display the Create Invoice Window
Ctrl+J Display the Customer:Job List Window
Ctrl+L Open a List, if the cursor is in a field that has a dropdown list
Ctrl+M Memorize a transaction
Ctrl+N Create a new one of whatever is active at the time
Ctrl+O In the Write Checks window, this copies the current check. In the check register, use Ctrl+V to create (paste) a copy of that check.
Ctrl+P Print the currently active register, list, or form
Ctrl+R Display the Register window
Ctrl+T Display the memorized transaction list
Ctrl+W Display the Write Checks window
Ctrl+Insert Insert a line into a list of items or expenses, or a line in a transaction
Ctrl+Delete Delete the selected line from a list of items or expenses, or the selected line in a transaction
Ctrl+Page Up Go to the first line in a list or register
Ctrl+Page Down Go to the last line in a list or register
F1 Open the Help window
F2 Display the Product Information window, which can be helpful when diagnosing problems in QuickBooks
Esc Close the current window
Ctrl+F4 Close the current window, same as Esc
Ctrl+F6 Move to the next open window and make it active
Ctrl+Tab Move to the next open window, same as Ctrl+F6
(+) or (-) Increase or decrease a number in a form, e.g. check number or invoice number
Alt+S Save the current transaction
Alt+N Save the current transaction and start a new one
Alt+P Go to the previous transaction
Tab Go to the next Field
Shift+Tab Go to the previous field
Up or Down Arrow Go to the previous or next line in a form
Date Shortcuts
(+) or (-) Go to the next or previous date
T Today
W First day of the week
K Last day of the week
M First day of the month
H Last day of the month
Y First day of the year
R Last day of the year
[ Left bracket – same day in previous week
] Right bracket – same day in next week
; Semi colon – same day last month
Apostrophe – same day next month