As with many programs, QuickBooks Online has a number of keyboard shortcuts that can save you some real time. Rather than going back and forth between your keyboard and your mouse, you don’t have to let your hands leave the keys.

Ctrl+Alt+A Open the Chart of Accounts
Ctrl+Alt+F Display the Search window
Ctrl+Alt+I Display the Create Invoice Window
Ctrl+Alt+R Display the Receive Payment Window
Ctrl+Alt+C Display the Customer List
Ctrl+Alt+V Display the Vendor List
Ctrl+Alt+W Display the Write Checks window
Ctrl+Alt+X Display the Expense window
Ctrl+Alt+H Open the Help window
Ctrl+Alt+X Close the current transaction
(+) or (-) Increase or decrease a number in a form, e.g. check number or invoice number
Alt+S Save the current transaction
Ctlr+Alt+M Save and send the current transaction
Ctlr+Alt+S Save the current transaction and start a new one
Ctlr+Alt+D Save the current transaction and close the transaction window
Ctrl+Alt+P Print the transaction
Tab Go to the next Field
Shift+Tab Go to the previous field
Up or Down Arrow Go to the previous or next line in a form
Date Shortcuts  
(+) or (-) Go to the next or previous date
T Today
W First day of the week
K Last day of the week
M First day of the month
H Last day of the month
Y First day of the year
R Last day of the year