If you’re starting to outgrow QuickBooks Online (QBO), or are considering moving onto QBO and not sure if it will meet your needs, consider looking at the new Advanced plan. Intuit added this plan for larger small companies with more complex accounting needs and it has additional features that allow you to get more out of your QBO subscription.

A couple features expand the number of items you can use, such as:

  • 25 users (limited to 5 in QBO Plus)
  • 3 accountant users (limited to 2 in QBO Plus)
  • Unlimited accounts in the chart of accounts (limited to 250 in QBO Plus)
  • Unlimited classes and locations (limited to 40 in QBO Plus)

In addition to having more users, you can also better customize each user’s permissions and tailor their QBO access to only what they need for their job. You can see the exact settings here. The less advanced permissions available in QBO Plus are here.

If you send a large number of invoices to customers, QBO Advanced lets you batch import invoices by uploading a CSV file, rather than creating them individually. If you’re working on an invoice manually, you can also duplicate it for other customers. You can get step-by-step details here.

You can add custom fields to transaction forms, which will carry forward to your reporting. This will allow you to track more information, and customize reports in more detail. You can get step-by-step details here.

QBO has partnered with Fathom to provide more advanced reporting. This will let you track KPIs and other analytics. You can find FAQs here and here.

You’ll get access to the Priority Circle. This is a higher level customer support that gives you a dedicated Customer Success Manager, move you to the front of the line when you call for support, and give access to 5 annual training courses each year. You can see more details of what’s included in the Priority Circle here.

As with other versions of QBO, the Advanced plan will continue to get new features in the future. You can compare Advanced to the other QBO plans here, and decide which plan is right for your organization.