Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Accounting Basics – a site devoted to accounting, finance, and governance issues for nonprofits

TechSoup – a place  for nonprofits to get discounted software, hardware and IT resources

Lawyers Clearinghouse – legal resources for nonprofits

10 Fundamentals of Forming a Charitable Organization – a Powerpoint covering 10 items to plan for when forming a new nonprofit

Acknowledging and Recognizing In-Kind Gifts

How to Start a Nonprofit


Retirement Plan Options

Accountable and Non-Accountable Reimbursement Plans

Principles and tips for financial management, and budgeting frameworks

Policies to Have

What to Expect as a Board Member

White Paper on Fiscal Sponsorship and Description of Different Types – Fiscal sponsorship is an alternative way to structure a nonprofit by coming under the umbrella of an existing organization rather than being free-standing. See more information, and an example of a fiscal sponsor, TSNE MissionWorks.

COSO Framework of Internal Controls, an Executive Summary, and Deloitte Article about COSO in the Cyber Age

Compensation Survey Report and Searchable Salary Database – These are the results of a survey of salaries paid for various staff positions at nonprofits in New England, compiled by  TSNE MissionWorks. The searchable database allows you to see ranges of what other organizations pay for a particular position, based on their budget size, where they’re located, and other criteria. You can also review the 2014 compensation survey report and searchable salary database

Leadership New England Report, Searchable Survey Data, and Press Release/Summary – Also prepared by TSNE MissionWorks, this report looks at current and upcoming trends in leadership turnover at nonprofits in New England. 64% of executives are planning to leave their organizations in the next five years; approximately 60% of organizations don’t have succession plans in place. The report looks at what’s driving this trend and makes recommendations for how to keep executives in their positions longer and how to prepare for their eventual departure.