If you have a list or table with duplicate values, you can highlight or delete them.

To highlight duplicates, select the table and use Conditional Formatting. Select Highlight Cells Rules –> Duplicate Values.

1 highlight duplicate values

Select how you want duplicate cells formatted and click OK.

2 select formatting

3 formatting result

To remove duplicates, highlight a table, go to the Data tab on the ribbon, and select Remove Duplicates.

4 select remove duplicates

Select the column that has duplicate values in it and click OK. Excel will leave the first row with that value.

5 select column with duplicate values

6 result of single column remove duplicate

You can also find duplicates based on multiple columns, for example if a list of quarterly sales has a duplicate of a salesperson’s results for one quarter in a particular region.

7 remove duplicates based on multiple columns

8 result of mult column delete duplicate