If you want to combine multiple cells into one, or take a cell and add additional text or numbers, one function you can use is the & function described in this post. Another option is the concatenate function.

Start with =Concatenate() and add the cells you want between the parentheses, with a comma between each one. In this example, we’ll combine the address fields into a single value.

concatenate function

concatenate result

This ended up with all the cells combined with no spaces in between, so we need to modify the formula to add spaces, plus a comma after the street address and after the city name. To do this, add “,“ and “ ” after each field (include double quotes in each case).

concatenate expanded function

concatenate expanded result

You can then copy the formula down to other rows. Select cell G2, click on the square in the lower right corner of the cell, and drag it down.

copy formula down in process

copy formula down result.png

You can also use double quotes (“ “) to add in other text, including numbers and dates. For example, if you wanted to know how long how long each person had lived in a particular city, you could construct a sentence concatenating their name, strings of words, number of years, and the city name. In the formula below, there are spaces before and after “for.” Alternatively, you could write “ “,”for”,” “.

concatenate sentence function

concatenate sentence result