As you keep track of things in QuickBooks, don’t forget that you can attach documents to vendors, customers, and transactions. You can attach a copy of a bill you’re paying, or sending to customers, so you don’t need to dig through files, or an email exchange about a payment (e.g. why you’re delaying payment or if you’ll be getting a discount), or a receipt for a credit card charge. When you’re editing a transaction, click on Attach File and a popup will open with 4 options:

  • Drag and drop files from your desktop, an email, or an open folder.
  • If you click on Computer, you can navigate through folders to find what you’re looking for.
  • Scanner will let you choose from available scanners and upload the file directly to the transaction you’re editing.
  • Doc Center opens a list of files already attached elsewhere in your QuickBooks file, and lets you attach it in a new place.

To attach files to a vendor or customer, open the vendor or customer center and select one from the list. The organization’s information and a list of transactions will open on the right. At the top of the information header is a paperclip icon. Clicking on that will open the same popup for attaching files.

A few FAQs about attaching documents:

What can I attach? You can attach any kind of file, and as many files as you want with no size limit.

Where are the files stored? Attached files are in the Attach folder in the same location as your QuickBooks file.

Will QuickBooks Backup/Restore back up the attached documents? No. You should create your own back up of the Attach folder. To maintain attachments when you restore a backup, put the Attach folder in the same location as your restored company file.

Can I share attachments across multiple company files? No, an attachment is only linked to the company file you are working in when you attach it. To use it with multiple files, attach it to every company file you work with.

Can I rename an attached file? You can change the display name, but the name of the original file will not be changed. If you need to change the name of the original file, detach it from QuickBooks, rename it, then reattach it.

If I make an Accountant’s Copy of my company file, will my accountant be able to view the attachments? No. Your accountant will see that a file is attached, but will not be able to view the attachments or add new ones.

Can other QuickBooks users access the attached documents? A user will see attachments for items and transactions that he/she has permissions to see. For example, if a user doesn’t have permission to view invoices, then he/she will not see attachments associated with invoices.